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Dr Laurent BENADIBA is a specialist in breast surgery

He has been practicing all cosmetic breast surgery for more than 20 years with one goal:Natural

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lipofilling seins


Dr. Benadiba is one of the pioneers of this innovative and natural technique.

Previously used for breast reconstruction after cancer, the injection of fat into the breasts is possible for aesthetic purposes.

Lipofilling   of the breasts allows a moderate to average increase in particular for patients who want to return to a "previous state" (after weight loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding) and/or want a "natural" solution, without foreign body.


This innovative technique is possible in women with a fat donor site as well. the silhouette is also improved thanks to liposuction of the sampling areas (hips, abdomen, saddlebags, knees).

Like the title of my article, it is a "one stone, two birds" here



Doctor Laurent BENADIBA is a specialist in breast implants. He completed his thesis on the complications

long-term breast implants, a book for the general public written in the form of Questions and Answers as well as a booklet for the League Against Cancer on breast reconstruction.  

Modern breast implants achieve a natural result with a soft gel. They have a lifespan of more than 10 years.

Download the book for free:Click here

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reduction mammaire


Breast hypertrophy is a common gene in young women because it appears with puberty and breast development.

This excessive volume of the chest causes physical and aesthetic discomfort because the breast loses its elasticity which leads to the fall (ptosis)  of the breasts.

Breast reduction also reduces pain (back, shoulders, neck), relieves problems of irritation under the breast.

This operation can be performed from the age of 16 in major forms. Hypertrophy must be treated early to avoid irreversible back fatigue (osteoarthritis).

The classic reduction technique uses an inverted T scar, it gives excellent long-lasting and natural results.Learn more

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Breast ptosis is defined as the fall of the breast with a chest   drooping and empty in its upper part.


Ptosis is most often due to the weight of the breast (hypertrophy) or in the aftermath of weight loss or pregnancy and especially breastfeeding when the breast volume decreases.

Breast ptosis is a pure aesthetic gesture when it is isolated.

The operation is performed under general anesthesia and lasts approximately 2 hours.

It involves moving the nipple and areola upwards, removing excess skin, and reshaping the gland. The length of the scars depends on the hypertrophy and the degree of ptosis (single vertical scar or inverted T scar).

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Jolie fille

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