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Dr. Laurent BENADIBA has been practicing all cosmetic and reconstructive facial surgery for more than 20 years.


My vision of the modern facelift


The facelift is still scary because it is often synonymous with too visible change, drawn face, deformed mouth...

Modern facelifts have nothing to do with the aggressive techniques of the past 20 years. They are tailored to the patient's choices and age.

The action is always mixed; muscle retention, skin lifting, and reconstruction of loss of fat volume if necessary. The intervention can take place under sedation and local anesthesia and even on an outpatient basis.

The suites are simple with a return to normal life in 8-10 days. Thus the oval sign of youth is found and maintained for many years.

Today can consider 3 facelifts in his life. Each time, the gesture will be adapted to the age and aging of the face and that is why it will be lighter


This is  the first facial rejuvenation procedure. It removes excess skin on the upper eyelid and fatty pockets on the lower eyelid.

It is a simple and fast surgery possible under local anesthesia on an outpatient basis with an immediate visible result.

The gaze becomes more “enlightened”. The tired appearance fades, puffiness disappears with almost invisible scars.




Modern rhinoplasty is intended to be conservative and respects the original shape of the nose, which makes it possible to obtain a lasting natural result.

Rhinoplasty is most often performed under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis.

The dissection of the nose is done through invisible incisions, made inside the nostrils, 

Each anatomical component of the nose is subject to precise surgical correction: tip of the nose and its cartilage, bony bump, septum, nostrils, etc.

Rhinoplasty is most often performed in young patients, at the end of adolescence or even earlier if the discomfort is significant and if nasal growth is complete.


Otoplasty is the intervention of protruding ears. There are 2 problems to correct: no folds (kinking) and ear protruding forward (concha).

It is a frequent intervention in children but also in adults. It is preferable to wait until the age of 7 because the growth of the ear must be sufficient for the correction to be lasting. but it is above all the request and the embarrassment of the child that counts and not those of the parents..

The intervention is feasible under "pure local" especially in adolescents or adults but most often it is preferable to perform a  " neuroleptanalgesia  " to which is associated with local anesthesia, 

The objective is to create a harmonious curve of the folds of the ear (plication) and to reposition the concha.

The suites are simple with return to normal life within 5 days.

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