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Traitement pour cheveux


Baldness is the first reason for consultation among men.

More than 50% of men over 40 are affected by more or less significant baldness. The cause is genetic and hormonal, we speak of Androgenetic alopecia.

Hair Transplant Techniques


It is a recent technique that allows hair transplantation follicle by follicle without scarring. on the sampling area.

Thanks to  a mini forest (diameter < 1 mm) follicular micro-grafts are taken directly (from 1 to 2 hairs) without leaving practically any scar. The postoperative consequences are minor as well as the postoperative care.


The micro grafts obtained by FUE being very thin, they are practically invisible in the immediate post-operative period.
This intervention is carried out under local anesthesia, it remains longer because it is more meticulous than the technique by strip or FUT.

This is the ideal technique:

  • To correct beginner or average baldness in men.

  • To densify areas where hair already exists (as in baldness in women).


Il est possible de faire une greffe avec technique FUE sans raser complètement le crâne contrairement a ce qui est pratiqué en particulier en Turquie ou Afrique du nord.

Cette  French Technique permet de raser court la zone de prélèvement mais de garder une longueur normale sur la zone d'implantation ainsi la gêne sociale est quasi-inexistante

La technique FUE sans rasage complet
ou French Technique


The FUT or strip technique is performed under local anesthesia. The surgeon cuts a strip of scalp on the crown of about 1.5 cm then we will cut the grafts into 2 to 5 hairs according to the indication. The scar is fine and hidden in the hair, it is not necessary to shave the patient for this technique.

This is the ideal technique:

  • To correct the significant baldness of the tonsure because we obtain thicker grafts than with an FUE


In addition and to limit hair loss and stimulate  la regrowth complementary treatments such as LED and / or PRP:find out more

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